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luxury car mobile detailingOregon is like the cherry on top. Below on the map lies California with so many wonderful things to do but we have to admit that Oregon has a certain charm that is hard to find.  Our wonderful friends in Santa Clarita invited us down and we couldn’t resist driving along the coast and enjoying the beautiful views, food and whether that California has to offer. Well, being a local business owner we know exactly how our friends who are running a mobile detailing company in Santa Clarita feel about doing the best job possible. Just like us they know that servicing customers with top-notch results is the only way to stay in business and sleep well at night.

So some of the wonderful things that we were able to experience include spending time along the wonderful California beaches. At the very top of California next to the Oregon border along the 101 Highway are some beautiful old growth redwood forests. Check out the Jeremiah Johnson park. There are many parks and recreation areas in which to enjoy this beautiful environment. These trees are stunning and incredible. We stood in awe at the diameter and height of these giants.  It’s a humbling experience to say the least. These trees are so special in that their roots are all intertwined supporting themselves in the earth that they grow on and in. In fact, when the wind is blowing and you’re standing some feet away from the trees you can actually feel the Earth moving up and down as the root systems absorb all of the motion of the tree from the wind blowing it. Pretty incredible to experience this.

Taking a road trip like this when we own our own business is not the easiest thing to do generally. Most small business owners are extremely busy and are really one-armed paper-hanger. In other words, taking a road trip in their car is not something they have time to do on a regular basis. So when we arrived in Southern California and stopped at our friend’s place in Santa Clarita we had our car washed. In reality, we really had them do their mobile car detailing service on our messy and dirty car after traveling so far. There is really no comparison to how much better they do as a mobile detailing company when compared to driving your car through the local car wash. They take the time to get all of the little details, cracks and crevices cleaned out of our car. They take compressed air and blow out all the dust and debris from all the little cracks in all the fascia on the dashboard and center console and armrests. It is a greatly different result than the car wash at the gas station.

We all know that Southern California is definitely a car Lover’s Paradise. It really makes a lot of sense considering how often people spend a lot of time on the road in their cars. No doubt having a clean car makes your day a lot better when you’re spending a few hours in it. That is one of the sacrifices of living in Southern California is the long drive times and the bumpy roads. There’s so much to do and see in California and Santa Clarita has a lot to offer. Our friends took us to Magic Mountain where we rode some of the world’s best roller coasters. The weather in Valencia and the surrounding cities is superb. Our friends reside in Valencia and really enjoy the fine dining and restaurants.

Santa Clarita also has the performing arts college California School of the Arts. This makes for a lot of really good entertainment in the Valley from the students who go out and play and perform at nightly gigs.  We have heard some superb Flamenco guitarists, some drummers with rhythm off of the charts and many other things including dance performances at costs that would not be possible anywhere else. In fact, some things are free and you are seeing some of the up-and-coming world-class talent.

Well, we love Oregon and especially Southern Oregon but our neighbor to the South, California hosts some of the world’s best in many different things. For us, if we ever decided to leave Oregon, California would be high on our list of places to call home. So, if you ever need a great car detailing service check out our friend’s mobile auto detailing company at SCV Mobile Detail.

Southern Oregon Carpet Cleaning

Medford Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Southern OregonIt rains a lot in the winter in Medford. After all, Medford is in the Pacific Northwest so that is no surprise. Clearly walking through the rain-soaked parking lot and landscapes tend to track dirt into your home or business and deposit it on your precious carpets and rugs. So what is a person to do about keeping their carpets cleaned? Well, the answer is obvious, seek out a professional Southern Oregon Carpet Cleaning Company.

So with that simple answer comes the question, how do I know who is a good carpet cleaning company? The truth of the matter is there’s no shortage of service companies doing this type of work in southern Oregon and they’re not all created equal. So it pays for you to do some due diligence and seek out a more reputable and cable company. One question to ask is how long have they been in business? Any company worth its salt typically has been in business for some years and proven themselves capable. That doesn’t mean that a startup new company is not capable or worth hiring but it is a general indicator of capability. On the other hand, sometimes a new company is a great service. This may be because they work for another company and learned the ropes and then went out on their own. Sometimes these types of companies work extra hard to prove their reputation good and provide a better service than even the season the company. Sad to say sometimes season companies get jaded and don’t do is go to work as they used to.

Medford is a beautiful place to live as many locals and transplants know. The city is growing by Leaps and Bounds and the big players in the business world are locating many of the different businesses they are because they know there’s a population to support it. The big box stores have invested heavily in Medford proving that it’s a growing area. Not only are big box stores locating themselves there but many smaller businesses call Medford Oregon home. Recently the famous Southern California hamburger restaurant, in and out has built a facility there which enjoys tremendous popularity. Given that there are quite a lot of transplants from California in Medford I’m sure they really appreciate having this establishment they are for their enjoyment.

Near the Rogue Valley Mall Trader Joe’s has planted one of their wonderful stores. Trader Joe’s is known for providing great healthy foods at reasonable prices with a huge selection of wines. Given the fact that companies like this are locating themselves in Medford suggest that there is plenty of work for local businesses such as carpet cleaners.

So when hiring an Oregon carpet cleaner, make sure they have the proper experience and equipment to do the job correctly. Carpets are made of varying materials from synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon to the Natural fibers such as silk and wool. The same goes for upholstery cleaning. So hiring a company that knows how to handle these different materials correctly will ensure that you get a good job done with your hard-earned money.

Oregon Carpet and Rug Cleaners

The best Oregon carpet cleaning company will answer any questions that you have with information that makes a lot of common sense. Ask them about what type of equipment they will use on your Carpeting and Floors. Will they use hot water extraction or will they use some type of a dry rub chemical? Do they agitate the carpet prior to extracting the dirt from it? What type of solvents or detergents will they use? Are they alkaline or acid based? Depending on the carpet or rug material they must provide the correct answer for these different scenarios. Typically, synthetic fibers will be cleaned best by using a slightly alkaline cleaning agent along with some type of agitation and then followed up by a hot water extraction. This is really the workhorse of the carpet cleaning industry. But, other materials may like a slightly acidic cleaning solution.

Call around and talk to the different business owners and technicians until you find somebody who can answer your questions in a satisfactory manner.