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Come join us at SOBB IX
Seven days of sun and fun...
Eleven miles of beach to play on.

All buggying will take place on Sunset Beach around mile post 2 unless otherwise posted at Buggy Camp.
Pot lucks will be held at the times posted so please get your dish there at or before the time stated.


Pot Luck area and time

09/1 Sat - Phil's Buggy Camp 7pm
09/2 Sun - Jon & Charlotte's 7pm

If anyone wants to add to the event with buggy games, pot lucks or whatever please let us know.
Buggy games; Fox and the Hound, Buggy trials, Airedale and back as a group;
Gear Heart and back as a group; How many times can you circle a moving BloKart; racing around some marks?
National Kite Month