7 Occasions When Custom Clothing Suppliers Can Be Questioned For Bad Services

There is a whole lot of hustle going on in the world of clothing in the name of customization. Basically, this option is meant to relieve the buyers of the limited options offered through shops and showrooms. Basically, this through the option of customizing, the buyers can communicate their own ideas to the providers of these services and as an outcome, have something completely individualistic designed specifically and delivered for their own purpose.

At present, the advantages of custom creating one’s own clothes have been understood by the millions. So, there is no way any supplier of clothing per se can manage to maintain their presence in the market without flashing the option of customizing in their list. However, while flashing the inclusion in their list may win them attention, not living up to the standards can draw severe criticism to the extent of complaints as well. Kid Cudi

Here are a few occasions when custom clothing suppliers can be questioned for outright bad services…

1) When perfection in designed so promised is not delivered – More often than not it has been seen that providers of custom clothing speak the world about their customization services with perfection in practically everything. However, on occasions it has been seen that their precision on delivering particular designs is not as good as they may have proclaimed. On occasions where the designed so mentioned by the buyer and promised by the supplier is not delivered, the latter can be questioned.

2) When proper sizes are not maintained – While placing custom orders, the buyers always mention the necessary sizes, especially when the clothing is for an entire team. It is imperative for the provider to ensure that the sizes are maintained as mentioned. In case the former ends up offering wrong sizes contrary to what was mentioned, they can be questioned and asked for immediate replacements and that too at their own cost.

3) When print and print quality are not up to the mark – Regular prints, embossing or sublimations are usually offered by the providers for clients to choose from. Whatever the latter may opt for, it is upon the providers to make sure that the prints don’t run off or fade away or even chip on exposure to the slightest stress. In case it does, the customers have every right to claim an exchange / refund for the damage.

4) When logos and specified symbols are mismatched – Printing / embossing of logos are usually requested for custom clothing that are ordered for specific teams, be it academic, corporate or anything for that matter. Considering the importance of ‘logos’ per se, it is imperative that the custom clothing suppliers ensure no mistakes in the design or colors or even the writing on the same. In case the logos are a mismatch, the carelessness of the providers can be pointed out and a complete correction should be demanded.

5) When materials so promised are not up to expected standard – Quality of materials is yet another factor stressed upon by the manufacturers at the time of advertising their services. The best of cotton, the best of polyester and the best of the mixes are highlighted. Today, as far as sports clothing is concerned, climate compatibility as an integral factor is expected and thus stressed upon by the providers. However, at the time of delivery, if the promises so made appear to be shaky and the materials look like they thoroughly lack the quality that was guaranteed, the provider can be questioned for the lapse.

6) When returns or refunds are not entertained even after genuine mistakes are spotted – This is something that any clothing supplier can be held up for. When a genuine mistake is spotted in the part of the supplier in the form of manufacturing defects, the concerned custom clothing supplier is bound to accept returns and make the necessary refunds or corrections at their own cost to fill in the lapse. In case they refuse, the buyers can approach consumer court to speak for their case.

7) When a blind eye is turned towards making minor corrections – There are times when certain lapses happen in bulk delivery, but nothing too serious to hold the provider up for. However, if the latter refuses to make the necessary corrections even after the issues are pointed out, or takes their own sweet time in making the alterations, they can be questioned and complaints can be launched against poor services.

To steer clear of any kind of issues in the first place, it is always wise to seek out the most reputed and reliable providers in the field for fool proof services.