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Creation, Evolution, and You – The Folly of Darwin, the Fiction of Genesis

“All high-quality reality begins as blasphemy.” George Bernard Shaw

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth… ”

Let’s see–creation or evolution or a little little bit of both?

I’ve been looking with hobby a number of neighborhood cable access packages handling the problem of creationism vs. Evolution. Both aspects appear adamant: we are right. Can both facets be proper? Universal Darwinism

First, the theory of evolution as laid down by way of Charles Darwin has many holes or even the evolutionists are aware of it. Things like long strands and repetitions of amino acids, and DNA stuff that boggles the mind. Even temperatures in places that ought to nonetheless be cold, and bloodless spots that need to have warmed up 4 billion years ago. That kind of aspect. And eyes can not come into lifestyles absolutely shaped in keeping with the Darwinian perspective; the whole lot has to adapt steadily, slowly, in small increments. But an eye fixed, simplest in part, serves no motive. The eye need to come already intact. It can not try this in keeping with the idea of evolution. Same with different organs and materials in our bodies, vegetation, and even water.

It’s no longer only complicated, however also bizarre. Both facets push positions that bear extra crucial investigation.

Ultimately, thru commentary, each with the naked eye and underneath a microscope, it’s apparent that the universe is the manufactured from intelligence and intention. At least, it really is how I see it after a few years of studying astronomy, physics, biology, and religion.

Here’s the seize-22: After plenty research, I am satisfied beyond all doubt that despite the fact that the universe is a creation and no longer an accident, the author is not the God of the Old Testament, neither is it the gods of any of the spiritual writings that have sought to describe it over the centuries.

However, I want to pay attention most effective on the Old Testament God in this newsletter.

The first 5 books of the Bible (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, additionally referred to as the Torah) set the tone for God’s character. From the start, he is worrying (Don’t you dare devour from that Tree or you’ll actually die!), he is jealous, he’s egotistical, and he is murderous. (Comedian Lewis Black, a Jew, calls this god ‘a prick.’) He destroys the arena with a flood because of so-referred to as sin, which wouldn’t have came about if he hadn’t positioned that tree inside the middle of the Garden. He knocks down the Tower of Babel due to the fact the people are constructing it to attain heaven and he acts as though they surely might also do so; consequently, he confounds their language. That way, they cannot speak and the journey to heaven is ostensibly over. (Ponder that one for a while.)

Don’t forget poor Job. God tested him to the max. Took away the whole lot the person had, which includes his family. And Job became a real believer and follower of Yahweh. Oh, I know. God ended up giving him lots more than were taken away, however nonetheless, did God without a doubt have to check his fans so drastically? (Even God couldn’t replace Job’s circle of relatives participants that had died.) And this passage, taken from Exodus 15:7 sums up Yahweh’s character quite nicely: “… Thou sentest forth thy wrath, which fed on them as stubble.”

Even his henchmen once in a while defy good judgment. Take Elisha, for example, who prompted bears to consume extra than forty children because they made amusing of his baldness.

The OT God is continuously asking for services and trying temples to be built in his call and honor. And he’s insistent that his “chosen humans” no longer defile themselves in various and sundry ways. Occasionally he’s going to say how a lot he loves his people, but turns round a few verses or chapters later and is killing them or scattering them. He’s tough to apprehend.

Then, over in the New Testament, he’s made out to be the Loving Father. Everyone seems to neglect all of the suggest-spiritedness he displayed in the Old Testament. And of route, Jesus has to come back and save his human beings from their sins, again the very sins that could have been avoided if God had not positioned the Tree in the middle of the Garden and informed the Innocents no longer to devour from it. (Much extra may be written on the Eden subject matter but I’ll keep it for any other article.)

Here’s the point: The universe is, indeed, fearfully and wonderfully made. But it’s miles too grand, too specified, too certain with the aid of herbal law to had been created by way of the egotistical, self-worried maniac of the Old Testament. Don’t get me incorrect. I’m not calling the Creator a maniac. I am calling Yahweh a maniac. He is the fabricated from fairytale, of myth.

The Creator, the One who sincerely introduced this universe, this planet, this creator, into lifestyles is not knowable via books and bibles. It’s no longer knowable through descriptions and, worse, spiritual threats. But It is knowable via remark. Take within the sky on a clean night time. Or Mt. McKinley protected in snow in January. Or the Northern California coastline in April. There’s the hand of the proper Creator. There’s the signature of the actual Designer. No ebook, no faith necessary.

I am fortunate to live in one of the maximum lovely elements of the arena, the Pacific Northwest of the US. I can see snowcapped Mt. Hood from my driveway. If I get upon my roof I can see most of the Cascade Range from Mt. St. Helen’s to Mt. Bachelor to the south. I am most effective 90 miles from the Pacific Ocean. The surroundings through the Coast Range mountains on the way to the sea makes the ninety miles well worth the trip. I’m a trifling 5 miles from the potent Columbia River.

I regularly watch sea gulls fly over my residence and within mins, flocks of Canada geese. I needed to chase a raccoon out of my recycling bin simply the alternative night.

I live in a town (Portland) that has little or no air pollutants. Most days are clean sufficient to see for miles. And it rains here sometimes as nicely, which maintains it lush and inexperienced.

That’s what I suggest via remark. No jealous, self-focused god may want to have had a component in what I see every day of my lifestyles. And it is but a fraction of what’s to be had to peer. I understand that you also can see the Creator’s signature anyplace it’s miles you stay.

It’s all simply the top of the iceberg. No telling what lies beyond this international, this galaxy, this quadrant. Ultimately, humans may additionally have the opportunity to revel in such grandeur that we can’t even start to imagine it nowadays. In the mean time, we have our own little corner of heaven to make as we can: satisfaction, or soreness. Our preference.

You have collected through now that I am not a biblical creationist. Nor am I a believer in nature spirits, fairies, elves, and so on. But I accept as true with the universe is a outstanding design as opposed to a tremendous coincidence. After all my studies, it sincerely makes greater feel. What’s extra, I have a non-public dating with the Designer. How? Why? Because I couldn’t exist with out It. It breathes me, It movements me, It laughs me, It cries me. I may not be God, however God is surely me. Of that I am sure. I am as antique and as new because the universe itself, introduced into life from the motion, the energy, the superstar stuff that existed from the beginning.

The God of the Old Testament is a magician, now not a writer. And he himself is created–via us. Created to subdue, to manipulate, to punish. In many quarters, it’s nonetheless the norm. (Do I hear “fundamentalism?”)

Unfortunately, the god of the OT is lacking the critical elements: beauty and kindness and joy… And maximum of all, actual love. All I can say to him is, “Be long past. You don’t have any strength here!”